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Later frisco ✌️I’ll be right back
Just landed in Las Vegas, already lost $10 :)
Late night layering
New design comin @sk8rat
#ianmackaye from #minorthreat #fugazi for @nwsimba
Fuck yes! About to see #WAVVES #KINGTUFF and #JACUZZIBOYS next week :)
So I bought myself a ticket to SF this Halloween \m/ fuck ya. Hey @racketola I need a place to stay
Fall is a brewing (tailslap @delouie)
Sunset, board in tree, old guy w/ guitar. Enders today.
Almost fell off the cliff taking this
Typical Monday, at crown hill but left my board in Ryan’s trunk (Jaeden blunt to fakie)
Last call
About to die happy  (at Moore Theatre)
F🇺🇸ck ya @stancesocks
I don’t care what other people think, #andywarhol is still my biggest inspiration.